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If you are not a current member of a Shockwave team, please complete an online participation waiver before attending - WAIVER

Shockwave classes are all taught by our highly qualified and experienced full-time coaches (not by assistant coaches or athletes).


Classes must be registered for ONLINE by clicking the times below

(online registration links will be posted shortly)

MINI TUMBLE    4:30-5:30pm      
BEGINNING TUMBLING     4:30-5:30pm    
BACKHANDSPRINGS         4:30-5:30pm  
TUCKS      7-8pm      
LAYOUTS and UP              7-8pm
FLYER CLASS          4:30-5:30pm


PLEASE SEE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS BELOW AND SELECT THE APPROPRIATE AGE/SKILL CLASS WHEN REGISTERING.  Absolutely NO exceptions be made to skill requirements.  Athletes who do not have the required skill for a particular class will be moved to the appropriate class.

Class size will be limited.  Enrollment will be closed once the maximum number of attendees is reached.

MINI TUMBLE - This class is intended for the beginner athlete ages 5-8.  No experience necessary.  Athletes will work on tumbling basics including cartwheels, roundoffs, and backwalkovers. 

BACKHANDSPRING CLASS Athletes in this class will work on standing backhandsprings and roundoff backhandsprings.  Athletes are strongly encouraged to have a solid back walkover on the ground without a spot to attend this class. 

TUCKS  CLASSAthletes MUST have standing and running multiple backhandsprings on the floor without a spot to register for this class.  Athletes in this class will work on running tucks and standing tucks. 

LAYOUTE  CLASSAthletes MUST have a running multiple tuck on the floor without a spot to register for this class.  Athletes in this class will work on layouts and fulls. 

STUNT  CLASSAthletes will work on in air skills and body positions.

*Classes with fewer than 5 members will be cancelled and registration fee will be refunded.

 If you have any questions before registering, please feel free to call us at 301-424-2696 or 301-328-2230

Recommended athlete attire -

Tank or tee, Shorts (preferably with spandex underneath), cheer shoes or sneakers. No sports bras alone please.




 Locations in Rockville and Frederick
ROCKVILLE - 20 Southlawn Court, Rockville, MD 20850
FREDERICK - 1501 Tilco Drive, Frederick, MD 21704

Main number - 301-424-2696
Frederick Gym - 240-651-1281