The only way that we can set our teams up for success throughout the competition season is by starting at tryouts with proper team placements at all levels. In order to help set expectations for team placements for next season, we wanted to provide you with some guidelines for tryouts. While there is a team for every athlete at Shockwave (from brand new to highly skilled), we want you to have realistic expectations regarding team placements for the season ahead. Allstar cheerleading is a competitive sport, and the athletes work very hard to gain new skills and progress at each level. Don’t worry, though – our priorities have not changed. Our number one priority has always been and will continue to be happy, confident, skill-building athletes. While winning is not our number one goal, it is definitely still an important goal, and picking teams that can be competitive at every level is very important to us.

For the 2018-2019 season, we will have a variety of Allstar teams and Allstar Prep teams at each level. There is no difference between mini, youth, junior, senior at each level. They are the same skill level, and the only difference is age. Athletes must have strong to excellent technique on each skill set for a particular level in order to be placed on a team at that level. Please be realistic when evaluating your child’s skills, and please don’t ask us to make exceptions for your athlete. The only way to have competitive teams is to maintain the same expectations for each and every athlete.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting videos of what we would expect skills to look like at each level (including jumps, tumbling and dance). We will also have examples of proper flying technique for a variety of skills. It is not enough to just stay in the air without falling. Flyers will be expected to execute skills with excellent technique, confidence and performance. We encourage you to share these videos with your athlete(s) so that they are clear as to what is expected to be placed at each level.

Please note that we have a spot for every athlete who wants to join a team – brand new cheerleaders with no experience at all are always welcome! The guidelines below are intended to help set expectations with regard to team placements for the 2018-2019 season.




These are the tumbling requirements for each level (to be considered a good candidate for that level). We will be holding firm to these standards - 
Level 1 novice - No tumbling requirements

Level 1 prep - Back walkover

Level 1 - Back walkover and Front walkover with excellent technique

Level 2 prep - Back handspring (Running and Standing)

Level 2 - Back walkover Back handspring and either a roundoff double back handspring or front walkover roundoff back handspring with excellent technique


Level 3 prep - standing double back handspring and running tuck with average technique


Level 3 - Toe touch double backhandspring and specialty to tuck (example: front walkover roundoff handspring tuck) with excellent technique


Level 4.2 - Backwalkover Backhandspring and either roundoff double backhandspring or front walkover roundoff backhandspring with excellent technique


Level 4 - Standing tuck and standing two backhandspring tuck and Toe touch handspring tuck and running layout with excellent technique


Restricted 5 - Toe touch tuck , two handsprings to layout and running full (without a CONSISTENT specialty to full and standing tumbling to full bases under the age of 15 are not eligible for a worlds team)


Full Year Worlds team - Triple toe tuck, specialty to full and standing tumbling to full (These skills must have excellent technique and must be consistent)



Being a flyer comes with a great deal of responsibility and requires a lot of work. It demands excellent flexibility, confidence, and skill. It also requires working on your flexibility and body positions at home. For this reason, we will have a separate tryout day for evaluating flyers.


Here is a list of the skills a flyer should expect to have to be considered a good candidate for flying -


Superior flexibility and body positions

Comfort and confidence in the air

Sharp tight motions

Superior performance

Appropriate basket skills for your level

Appropriate mounts and dismounts for your level (i.e., full up, full down, double up, double down, etc.)


NOTE:  Flying is a huge factor when it comes to scoring. New for this year - if we do not have enough appropriate flyers at each level, we will pull from a higher level team and use a crossover.  Example: If we only have 4 appropriate flyers for a level four team, instead of using the next most skilled athlete that is age eligible, we will instead cross over a flyer from a higher level team to do both teams. If you want to be a flyer, you must have the skills, confidence and performance!


Cheer Extreme Allstars DMV


At Cheer Extreme DMV, we are dedicated to providing our cheerleaders with a challenging, fun and competitive allstar program in a positive and safe environment.  We strive to create confident, motivated and teamwork-oriented individuals with outstanding athletic ability and superior leadership skills.

It is our goal to create unique and exciting routines that include stunting and tumbling intended to challenge and progress our athletes' overall skills while attaining the maximum point values available at each level - all at the most affordable price around!  We know how expensive competitive athletics can be, and we have taken great care in creating an affordable yet highly competitive allstar competition schedule.

Come check out our Rockville and Frederick locations and see what all the buzz is about!

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