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Interested in trying out for an Allstar Cheerleading team? The 2016-2017 Allstar season is right around the corner! At Shockwave Allstars, there is a team for EVERY athlete, and we look forward to a challenging, fun and highly competitive season.

The tryout evaluation process is very simple and takes no more than 20-30 minutes. Team placements are made based upon the age and skill level of each athlete. We have teams for all ages and skill levels, so don't worry if you don't have any prior cheerleading experience - we will teach you all aspects of allstar cheerleading, including tumbling, stunting, jumps, motions and dance. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches and staff are very friendly and ready to guide you through the tryout process. There is NO FEE to try out, so why not come and be a part of the largest and fastest growing allstar cheerleading program in Montgomery and Frederick Counties, Maryland!

Recommended tryout attire -

Tank or tee, shorts, and sneakers. 

For Program or Registration information, please call 301-328-2230 or 301-424-2696 or email info@shockwaveallstars.com


See you at the gym!

Locations in Rockville and Frederick
ROCKVILLE - 20 Southlawn Court, Rockville, MD 20850
FREDERICK - 1501 Tilco Drive, Frederick, MD 21704

Main number - 301-424-2696
Frederick Gym - 240-651-1281


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Want to perfect your Toe Touch? Try these great tips!

Toe Touch Jump Tips

* Keep your head up and your back straight.
* Don't reach for your feet, instead try to bring your legs up to your hands.
* You don't actually want to touch your toes.Your hands should be about where the arch of your foot is.
* Point your toes.
* Snap your legs down with as much force as you brought them up with.
* Land with a slight bend in you knees.
* Work on building up the strength in your arms, shoulders, abs and legs.
* Work on all aspects of the jump: prep, lift, execution and landing.
* Practice, practice, practice.


Overcoming a Competition Mishap

Fell out of a stunt?  Tripped while tumbling?  Forgot your next position while competing?  No great athlete has never lost or made a mistake at some point in his or her career.  The real question is how do you move past the mistake and compete again?  Don't let fear and anxiety get the better of you!  Know that you can't control everything, so work on controlling what you can.  If you're hesitant about a stunt or tumble pass, keep practicing it until it feels more comfortable.  Know that you will compete again, and you will succeed.  It is most important that you believe in your abilities and know that you are better than that mistake.  Every cheerleader knows this is a tough sport (or everyone would be doing it!). 

So what should you do when one of your teammates messes up?  Most importantly, put yourself in her shoes and imagine how awful she must feel.  Remember that it happens to EVERYONE at some point or another and don't make her feel worse than she already does.  Be supportive.  Of course it's disappointing to lose, but it will be even harder for your teammate to bounce back and recover from the mistake if you're acting angry.  Move forward and stay positive!

You will win some competitions and lose some, but that's what makes all of the hard work, team work, dedication and WINS so meaningful!



So you want to fly?

A versatile Cheerleader should be able to fill any position in a routine in order to be the best asset to her team.  Here is a checklist of some of the skills and traits you will need to be a better flyer:

* Confidence - Attitude is everything. Know you can do it, because if you don't think you can, you probably won't.
* Trust - You must trust your teammates and they must trust you.  You need to believe that if you were to fall, your bases would be there to catch you.  If you have that trust, you can stay focussed on what needs to be done in the air.
* Stay Tight - Keep your hips and thighs tight (pinch a penny). Don't push out with your legs, this could spread your bases apart.
* Use your arms - You should be able to hold your own weight. Lift yourself up with your arms and help your bases.
* Balance - It's much harder to hold someone up when they are wiggling around.  Stay as tight as you can and let your bases help balance you.
* Timing - Everyone in a stunt should know what to do and when to do it.  All stunting should be done to a count.  The flyer should know when the proper level has been reached to stick, hit, or pull the stunt.
* No fear of heights. A respect for heights is okay, but you can't be afraid of them.
* Maintain eye contact with the crowd.  When the flyer is up she should energize the crowd.
* Smile. Have fun and let everyone know it.


Gearing Up For Competition

Anyone who has been to an Allstar Cheerleading competition, knows just how stressful it can be.  Try these tips to help minimize the stress and anxiety -

* Things happen, Roll with it! - a team member gets sick, you find out a stunt is illegal, you forget your cheer shoes.... - don't let these types of mishaps rattle you!  Focus on your part in the routine and what you need to do to help your team succeed.  Your coaches are prepared to handle the curves that come your way, so let them come up with a solution to the situation and help them by keeping your composure. 
* Focus on YOUR routine, not your competitiors.  It is easy to become flustered when you see the teams you're competing against perform flawless routines or do extremely difficult stunts and pyramids.  Don't doubt yourself or your team's ability.  Focus on getting ready to compete, and block out everyone else.  And remember, chances are the other teams are evaluating your routine as well and getting nervous too!
* Relax the night before competition and get plenty of sleep.  While you might want to have a sleepover with your teammates, or you might stay up excited about the upcoming competition, it is really important to get a full night's sleep before you compete. Your body and mind need to be well-rested in order for you to perform at your best.
* Have fun!  Stressing out over every competition is the fastest way to burn yourself out.  Cheerleading is supposed to be fun!  If you go out on the floor and do your best (and have fun while doing it), the judges and the crowd will see that and respond positively.